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We are Francesco and Francesca, an Italian couple in both life and business and owners of Ceci’s, the first Italian gastronomia in Los Angeles entirely approved by Nonna. 

Francesco standing in the restaurant looking out

Chef Francesco Lucatorto is an Italian Chef who studied and trained at Gualtiero Marchesi (Il Maestro) culinary academy ALMA. In 2013 after years of working in Europe and the UK, including L’anima in London, he decided to move to the US to start a new chapter.

Since moving to Los Angeles, he has worked for some of the top restaurants in the city such as Providence, Terroni, Otium, Officine Brera, Sixth+Mills, and Angelini Osteria. 

Francesca Pistorio is a commercial producer who started her career back in 2016 in Italy. In 2018 she decided to move to the US for what she thought would just be a short time. But then, plans quickly changed as she met Francesco and the two fell in love. Like people say “You can’t control your heart!” While she always had an interest in the culinary arts – specially pastry, she never thought it would become her career.

After the great success of the pop up (Ceci's Oven) started during the pandemic, they decided that it was time to find a real location where people could come and be spoiled with Italian, Nonna-approved food, and here we are! 

Francesca and the Onion Focaccia

"Thank you to everyone who supported and helped us finally make this project possible. To our customers who have shown up since the first day, to our family and friends that held us up from the very beginning and a special thanks to our Nonnas who taught us to cook everything with love."

                                                                    Francesco and Francesca 

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