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"The soul of an Italian meal", that's what a GASTRONOMIA is, a place that solves lunch and dinner dilemmas, spoils you with a sweet treat, not quite like a restaurant, not quite like home, it sits in a niche of Comfort Food, well prepared recipes, nutritionally balanced and super tasty! 

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We brought this well established Italian concept to LA mostly because, it's what we use to always have at our Family table, or picnic, or for a larger crowd you might be too busy to cook for.



Ceci’s Gastronomia offers a selection of daily prepared dishes, suitable to consume in place, or have later at home, baked goods, sweet treats, Italian delicacy, espresso and more! Available for take out or delivery from Wednesday through Sunday. Theres a couple tables on the sidewalk for you to enjoy people watching on Sunset with amazing food, coffee, music, and not to mention WiFi.

Each dish has been approved by Nonna, who in our opinion, is the queen of the culinary arts. Nonna always knows best.

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We believe that everyone has a role to play in combating climate change and ensuring a sustainable future.

We are committed to offering our clients delicious, nutritious foods that consider the environment.  After all, what we eat has a profound impact on both our personal health and the health of the planet.

As such, sustainability is an important factor when creating recipes, planning our menus, and sourcing our food products.

We want to contribute on this being 95% plastic free.

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